About Us

My inspiration came from the most amazing book ever written in the history of mankind...the Word of God.

Each and every person is specially and carefully created with innate beauty, uniqueness, individuality, talents, abilities, gifts, and purpose. There is beauty within each person, even with flaws and shortcomings, you are beautiful.

My jewelry was birthed from that thought. Intentionally selecting each part and carefully putting it all together to create something beautiful with a purpose to showcase its splendor. This process reminds me how my Creator carefully wove and knit every part of you while in the womb...to showcase His magnificent splendor for all to see.

  • You are special.
  • You are unique.
  • You are beautiful.
  • You are loved.
  • You are filled with purpose.
  • You are …wonderfully made...

Psalm 139:14

I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;

   Marvelous are Your works,

   And that my soul knows very well.

Every time you select one of my handmade creations to wear for a specific event or just to wear on any given day, think of this...like that piece of jewelry, you are wonderfully made. So, show off and tell everyone about it. Be confident and shine. Now go out there and fulfill your purpose!